Railroad Engineer Finds Twin Boys Abandoned in Stroller

Eric Martell was in the middle of his overnight shift when he spotted a baby alone near the tracks in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Railroad Engineer Finds Twin Boys Abandoned in Stroller

“I saw the little baby wave at me,” the Providence and Worcester Railroad engineer told NBC news. “I saw his little arm, he started sucking his thumb, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, there’s a baby in there.'”

Just past midnight, the train was only moving a few miles an hour. He told the conductor that they were stopping immediately.

“Got off the train, yelling, looking for parents,” said Martell. “No one was around.”

It wasn’t until the two men approached the stroller that they realized it was a double stroller with two babies inside.

Railroad Engineer Finds Twin Boys Abandoned in Stroller

“They seemed healthy. They actually had shoes on, they were a little bit chubby, like a baby’s supposed to be,” said Martell. “They were left with bottles and one of them even had a little binky, they were in a nice carriage.”

The babies had been abandoned on the site of a trash and recycling facility.

The men called 911 and rocked the stroller to keep the children calm.

“One of the little guys looked up to me, gave me the biggest little smile and I was like, ‘it’s going to be alright, buddy. It’s going to be alright, I got you,'” Martell recalled.

“I’m very happy and grateful that I was able to be there and help them in their time of need,” said Martell.

The boys, who are now in the care of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, were not hurt.

Police have not said whether the children’s parents are in custody or if they’re facing any charges.

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