Random Act of Kindness!!

I don’t believe that enough people practice random acts of kindness. Sometimes it’s hard enough to just keep current with birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings and babies to even think about doing something above and beyond.

While our son was in the hospital we had many people praying for him and sending their thoughts.

Just when I thought that the world had turned into a selfless place, my view was changed.

My sister used to work at the local pharmacy in my hometown. There was a lady who worked at her store. Her daughter was due around the same time as me. She used to talk to my sister about how my pregnancy was going. When she found out our son had come early she bought a gift for him. It was this “blessings to baby” angel (pictured). I have never met her, but she was thoughtful enough to purchase a gift for a baby she may never meet.

This “angel” sat on top of his isolette the whole time he was in the hospital.

Everyone should try to do something for another person who may not be able to repay the kindness. It’s what makes the world… a bit of a better place!!

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