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Recommended Site: EWG’s Cosmetics Safety Database

Over the summer I introduced you to a site that gave ratings to all sunscreen products.

It was surprising to see that some of the most popular products, that get premium shelf space, are in fact, harmful to your child’s health.

The site now rates all products that parents use for their kids including diaper cream, baby wipes, play makeup and toothpaste.

The cosmetics database contains information and online safety assessments for 23,745 products, 6,924 ingredients, 1,632 brands and 1,010 companies.

If you can buy it, they have probably have it in their system.

How it works:

Parents can look up a particular product or company and see how they are rated – 0 being the best and 10 being terrible.

Listed in the review are the ingredients that make up a product and their individual ratings.

For parents who do not know what issues can be caused by using a product that contains a certain component, that is explained as well.

The cosmetics database makes it easy to be brought up speed on what ingredients to look for when purchasing skin care products for yourself or family.


  • Download the parents guide and keep it in your purse/wallet for reference. You will never remember the scientific names of all of the ingredients that don’t belong in your home.
  • Take note of companies that consistently get good ratings. (ie. California Baby, Earth Mama Angel Baby,)
  • Take a moment to write down the top three products in each category that you regularly purchase. When you are at the pharmacy it will give you some choice if one product in unavailable.
  • Think outside the box. Just because your mom used a certain soap for you, it doesn’t mean that product is good. Research has come a long way.
  • Start slowly. This site has a lot of information. It is overwhelming to try to fix everything in one day.

Every parent should visit this site at least once to get an idea of what we are using on our skin. Ignorance is not bliss, it is what cuts our lives short and allows us to make decisions that will cause long term issues down the road.

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