Beforme Fetal Monitor Recordable Doppler

Record The Heartbeats Of Your Unborn Child With ‘Beforme’

When you are pregnant, nothing is nicer than hearing your growing baby’s heartbeat.


Puffi Santel Intergalactico has teamed up with Robert Majkut Design to come up with a stethoscope with MP3 player that records and plays the heartbeats of an unborn child.

Called the ‘Beforme,’ the unique medical device is basically a combination of an MP3 player and a stethoscope, which can be used to listen to the heart beats of the mother as well as the infant. Apart from playing the heart rhythm on the headphones, the embryo-shaped device presents the heartbeats as a graph, on the display, as well.

Moms-to-be can record the heartbeat with just a touch of a button and send it to the doctor for charting and comparing the data. Moreover, the user can transmit the recorded data via USB cable or Bluetooth to the computer.

I don’t normally support doppler-like devices because of how hard it is for non-medical professionals to get a proper heart beat. But this product looks interesting. I’d be interested to see how well it works…



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