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Rent A Parent

A Chinese company is renting out temporary partners for single parents who want their children to experience family life.

The company, in Dalian city, Liaoning province, is distributing leaflets saying, “a temp father or mother is the cure for a lonely single-parent child”.

The owner of the company, Li Chuangyong, a senior in university, says all his temps are carefully selected and well-educated.

“They are from specialised home-care companies, and have a lot of experience dealing with kids,” he said.

Li says the advertisement has already attracted considerable interest in his service.

But the local Bureau of Industry and Trade says the company needs a special licence, reports Liaoshen Evening Papers.

It would be terrible for your child to find out that the person that they may look up to and possibly have fond memories of, was only there because they were being paid.


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