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Report: Octuplets Mom Already Has 6 Kids

CBS News reported today that the California woman who astonished doctors earlier this week by giving birth to octuplets at a suburban Los Angeles hospital already has six other children.

The unidentified woman delivered six boys and two girls prematurely by Caesarean section on Monday, surprising doctors who had been expecting seven babies.

Two unnamed acquaintances told the a CBS reporter, who visited the woman’s Los Angeles-area home, that the mother already has six other children.

One of those acquaintances said that the mother lived with her parents and that two of her other children were twins.

“She is young,” the acquaintance says, “fairly young. She has six children already. And in those six children, she has a set of twins.”

A man, who came to the door of the family home, confirmed to CBS reporter that he’s the grandfather of the octuplets, but refused to speak to her.

“From what you know about this family, and this household, do you think they’ll be able to support 14 kids?” the reporter asked the acquaintance. “Well,” she responded, “so far, they’ve been fine with the six they have. Fourteen I don’t know.”

If this is true, it is heartbreaking to know that someone would put themselves in this situation on purpose when they should be caring for their other children. How does one pay for 8 or even 14 kids without a lot of assistance?

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