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Research: The Effect of Cellphones On Your Pregnancy

Researchers are realizing that more studies need to be done on children and pregnant women in trying to figure out if cell phones or other wireless devices could damage their health.

A few studies have indicated a possible link between mobile telephone use and brain tumors, although far more show no connection.”Measuring the amount of RF energy received by juveniles, children, pregnant women, and fetuses from wireless devices and RF base station antennas could help define exposure ranges for various populations,” the National Research Council said in a statement.

“Although it is unknown whether children are more susceptible to RF exposure, they may be at increased risk because of their developing organ and tissue systems,” it added.

“Additionally, Specific Absorption Rates for children are likely to be higher than for adults, because exposure wavelength is closer to the whole-body resonance frequency for shorter individuals.”

The report also notes that children today will experience a longer period of RF field exposure from mobile phones than adults, because they will most likely start using them at an early age.

As these devices become more popular and new products are introduced to the market place, it is important that their side effects are researched thoroughly. SOURCE


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