Right Bank Babies — Fun, Stylish Clothing for Babies and Toddlers

Named after the fashion district on the Right Bank of the Seine River in Paris, Right Bank Babies is a Los Angeles based children’s clothing label born from a mom’s talent and ingenuity. These European inspired clothes for babies and toddlers are as elegant as they are fun-loving, and they’ll turn boys and girls into walking fashion plates with the playground as their runway.

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With a desire to keep the ‘fun’ in ‘functional,’ founder and head designer of Right Bank Babies, Ellen Uzarowicz creates clothing that is both classic and funky. Her collections are ‘“inspired by the imagination of children,” and they feature unique cuts and reversible pieces designed to grow with your child. “A dress can become a top and pants can become shorts.” Bold graphic prints are meant to be playfully mixed and matched to reflect a child’s personality.

Right Bank Babies’ reversible dresses are the perfect example of stretching style. Each side boasts an adorable print so the dress becomes two outfits in one — and may be worn over jeans or leggings as a darling shirt as your child grows taller! And don’t miss the delightful Brocade dress which will have your little doll channeling the fashion sense of Audrey Hepburn!

Show stoppers in the Spring 2010 girl’s collection include vibrant mod mini dresses, and Cuban vests and shirts are highlights in the Spring 2010 boy’s collection.


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