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Rock Them Gently With The Lolaloo!

The Lolaloo is an innovative new product from German inventor Udo Blenk. With the arrival of his daughter came a child who always needed to be in motion.


He recalls:

‘The bumpier the street, the quieter and happier the child. The idea for the lolaloo came to me when I was once again standing in the garden and rocking the baby carriage while our lunch was getting cold. How nice it would be to have a helping hand I thought back then. Today, as I write, our third child is lying next to me in his baby carriage and sleeping peacefully, because now we have the lolaloo!’

When placed on the handle of any stroller, the lolaloo will gently rock it side to side. Just lock the wheels and you’re ready to go. Want to do the same to your crib? Just install the BRIO Bed Rocker (4 rocker feet that adapt an ordinary crib into a rocking cot) and then attach the lolaloo. This tiny little accessory it strong enough to move your crib. Genius!

The not so genius part. It’s not available in North America yet. This could change as the company’s website says more shipping locations are ‘in the pipeline’.

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