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Roundup: The Best of 2009!

As we head into the new year we are excited that this year Growing Your Baby posted over 1,200 posts covering everything from A Paris mom giving birth on the sidewalk to over 50 baby and child product related recalls.

Additionally, we added 5 new writers to our team which will hopefully bring the best stories and products to you in 2010!

This year was packed full of amazing baby stories. Here are our top picks of the year!

10 Most Unusual Birth Stories:

  1. Mother and Son Revived In Christmas Eve Miracle
  2. Tiny Mom Stacey Herald Welcomes Her 3rd Baby, 8 Weeks Early
  3. Baby Slips Through Toilet Chute During Delivery and Survives
  4. Coast Guard Rescues 28 Week Baby Born On A Ferry
  5. Mom Gives Birth on Fifth Ave With A View Of Central Park
  6. Counter-terrorism Team Helps Deliver Baby at Penn Station
  7. Soldier Secretly Delivers Baby In Army Barracks
  8. Dispatcher Talks Mom Through Premature Breech Labor
  9. Michigan Twins Arrive on Different Days, Months and Years
  10. Michigan Mom With 2 Wombs Welcomes Twins!

10 Most Amazing Baby Stories:

  1. Doctors Perform Surgery On Newborn While She Is Being Delivered
  2. Baby Rescued From Running Washing Machine
  3. UPDATE: 25 Weeker Fitted With An External Pacemaker
  4. Miracle Baby Born With Heart Outside His Chest
  5. Baby Born With Heart On His Stomach
  6. Doctors Remove 2lb Tumor From Baby’s Face
  7. Amazing Baby Doing Well After Her Heart Was Repaired In The Womb
  8. Infant Survives 2 Story Fall
  9. 26 Week Baby Arrives 2 Days After Mom Passes Away
  10. Baby Baffles Doctors By Refusing To Grow

Big Babies!

  1. Chinese Mom Welcomes 15.5lb Baby!
  2. Minnesota Mom Gives Birth to 15 Pound Baby
  3. Malaysian Mom Gives Birth To 13.5lb Baby The Old Fashioned Way
  4. Indonesian Mom Gives Birth To 19.2lb Baby!!
  5. Romanian Mom Welcomes 14.5lb Baby!

Reader’s Favorites:

Even though Parents ‘Last Good Bye’ Saved Their Baby’s Life” was written in 2007 it’s message hit home with many people in 2009. This amazing story was viewed over 21,000 times this year making it our most popular story.

During the month of November we joined forces with some families that had premature babies and posted their amazing stories to create awareness about the March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness Month. We thank all of the parents who shared the intimate details of their NICU journeys and our amazing writer Shannon who worked very hard with each family to make sure their story was told accurately and respectfully.

Thank you for making this another great year. We look forward to what the new year will bring!

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