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Separated At Birth: Tripp Trapp & Happy Hippo Highchair

I saw The Happy Hippo Highchair (pictured left) a month ago and thought it resembled the Stokke Tripp Trapp(pictured right), but it wasn’t until I put them side by side that I realized they are almost exactly the same. Specification comparison below.

Stokke designer Peter Opsvik created the Tripp Trapp in the ’70s, after seeing how uncomfortable his son, Tor, was after he outgrew the traditional high chair. The tot’s feet dangled awkwardly and his arms were unable to reach the table: he simply couldn’t get comfortable.

The Happy Hippo, which was introduced to the market last year, has many of the same features as the Stokke. The only differences between the two chairs are the color choices, chair weight(1lb), and price. This chair is about $80 cheaper than its designer counterpart.

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  • My sister in law has the Stokke Tripp Trapp and loves it…but the difference between $290 and the $140 I just paid for the Happy Hippo is a real difference. I have just placed an order for the Happy Hippo and will post feedback on how it works out…

  • Just thought I would let everyone know that I have purchased the Happy Hippo knock-off of the Stokke chair and LOVE IT! It cost me a total of $140.00 as I picked it up in Toronto.

    There are two differences I see with the Happy Hippo chair:

    1. it can only be used from 18 months+ as it doesn’t come with a chair rail for babies 6 months+ (the Stokke can be used from 6 months+ with the chair rail)

    2. The finish isn’t quite as “beautiful” on this chair as it is on the Stokke (although it is still very nice). but since my son seems to make a mess when he eats anyways, it really makes no difference to us!

    If i were to buy another one for a child 18+ months, I would definitly re-purchase the Happy Hippo. Well worth it!


  • I purchased 2 Happy Hippo chairs a year ago from the online ebay store because I’m from Winnipeg. I got the white wash chairs that were clearance on got 2 chairs for the price of 1 with shipping. It was a great deal and my kids LOVE the chairs as it gives them independence for getting in and out of them.
    The only complaints I have are the ugly stickers that are impossible to remove and one of the chairs had defects causing the wood to separate at the bottom making it unsafe. The warranty is good when I contacted the company but I would have had to pay all the shipping to get new parts for my chair. It was not worth it so we fixed it ourselves.

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