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Shaken Baby Syndrome Simulator

I have never posted anything on Shaken Baby Syndrome(SBS) because the issue frustrates me and there has never really been anything out that could help prevent it.

I came across this ‘simulator’ today and had to post it. This doll should be a mandatory part of Lamaze class so that parents can SEE the effect that shaking their baby has.

Shaking the life-sized infant simulator is disturbing. Watching the damage progress across the brain through illuminated LEDs is powerful. Hearing the piercing cry abruptly stop is devastating. There’s no denying the instant and permanent effects of shaking a helpless baby when this new, electronic simulator is in your hands.

Combined with a curriculum that helps establish a plan for coping with an inconsolable baby, an experience with the Shaken Baby Syndrome Simulator™ will stick with participants for a lifetime.

The life-sized electronic simulator is equipped with accelerometers that measure the force on the brain when shaken. A see-through vinyl head reveals LED lights that indicate the damaged areas of the brain in real time. Real infant cries stop abruptly as shaking continues and permanent brain damage occurs.

Approximately 25 percent of shaken baby victims die from their injuries. Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is underreported because the effects on the brain aren’t always immediately seen, the abuse may not be reported, and perpetrators often lie to medical personnel about the cause of a baby’s injuries. Experts agree that awareness of SBS is critical for everyone who cares for an infant, responds to family emergencies, or trains future parents, babysitters and child care providers.

No one would EVER shake a baby is they knew what happens to them and the extent of the damage that they could cause.

In extreme cases, the child need to be hospitalized and hooked up to machines to assist with breathing. Some of these children will never walk or talk due to the extensive damage that was caused in the heat of a moment.

Every bit of awareness helps. If this simulator prevents any babies from being shaken than it was worth the research.

Please visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE: They have downloadable worksheets on preventing SBS and what happens if you do shake your infant.


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  • I stumbled upon this site, and would like for you to take a second to see the faces of Shaken Baby Syndrome.. Here is a link to the Shaken Baby Syndrome Reality Video made by myself as my daughter was a victim of homicide due to Shaken Baby Syndrome at the hands of a licensed day care provider. Thank you for your time~
    or visit:

    God Bless~

  • The problem is S.B.S. data may not be completely accurate? Do I personally believe S.B.S. is a real condition, yes, but I do feel the past 40 year the data has been corrupted by not shake baby, yes. I believe if proper differential diagnosis are run prior to the declaring a child was shaken we would not have this problem. However,science in the long term will correction will happen in data on Shaken Baby Syndrome. We understandably have emotional charge doctor and medical staff that see the triad of shaken baby syndrome not running proper differential diagnosis. Then the data of those non shake baby being incorporated Shaken Baby Syndrome.

  • Can a baby get sbs from bouncing too hard in a jumperoo? My baby is 4 months and loves his jumper but today our dog bumped him while he was jumping. He bounced pretty hard one time. He cried for a second but seemed like no big deal. I’m worried bc I know symptoms don’t always show up right away.

  • My adopted sister is a victim of Shaken baby Syndrome. She can not sit, stand, eat, walk, talk, or even hold her head up. Her name is Charlotte, she is now 10 years old. No doctor can expalin why she is alive due to the brain trama she suffered. She was shaken on at least 3 different times by her biological father. He spent 22 months in jail, while she serves his life long sentance in a wheelchair. Doctors missed her abuse twice. She will NEVER recover. PLEASE NEVER, NEVER, NEVER SHAKE A BABY!!!!

  • This ‘simulator’ is very misleading to cause of this brain injury’s. Slam a child on soft object such crib mattress surface increase this type of injury. We make all people know soft object such as crib mattress can cause more increase in amount of injury a child gets. I not say shaking alone does cause a lesser injury to a child

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