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Shoeless Baby Told To Leave Burger King

A St. Louis Burger King took their no shoes, no shirt, no service policy to a new level when they ask a mother to leave because her 6-month-old wasn’t wearing shoes.

Jennifer Frederich, her mother and Frederich’s infant daughter, Kaylin, stopped at the Burger King in Sunset Hills on Sunday. The baby was shoeless, but Jennifer figured tiny baby feet were immune from the rule.

That was before workers told the family to leave because the shoeless baby was violating a health code even though, ‘shoelessness’ is not a health code violation in St. Louis County.

The surprised mom told KTVI-TV that she and her mother ate hurriedly and left before they could be kicked out.

Burger King released a statement Thursday indicating workers had taken the no shoes, no service policy too far.

“Our franchisee, which independently owns and operates this restaurant, apologizes for this guest’s experience,” the statement read. “The franchisee is retraining his restaurant team on the proper use of the ‘no shoes’ policy.”

The franchise owner also contacted Jennifer to apologize in person.

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