Should Kids Have Their Own Section Of The Airplane?

A new poll suggests many frequent fliers, probably singles or business travellers, want a separate “children’s class” on airlines for parents with babies and small kids.

The study reveals how frustrating most passengers find it to sit near children on flights — with about 85 percent wanting young children to be in a different part of the plane, according to PRNewswire.

When asked, “Should airlines have a section of the plane reserved for parents with babies and smaller children?” about 58 percent of respondents answered, “Yes, they should have done this long ago,”.

A few parents commented on the message boards that they would feel better sitting near other parents in their situation because they’d be more understanding than business travelers or adults traveling without kids.

The Air Transport Association said it would be hard to create a children’s section on flights.

The ATA’s David Castelveter said such a plan would be “logistically difficult” to execute because of increasingly crowded flights.

Our family flies 3 or 4 times a year and we have good and bad flights with our son. For the most part we have found that it is other passengers who have cause us to not have a good flight, like the time that we finally got our son to sleep and a rude passenger decided to scream at the flight attendant right in front of our seat.

It caused him to wake up crying and it took us 45 minutes to calm him down. Another time another crying baby woke him up and again, it took us 45 minutes to calm him down.

So do I think that they should put all of the crying babies together? NO, because once I get mine to sleep I want him to stay that way for the whole flight.

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