Soft, Safe Kids Play Space

Studio UK has a great line of soft fun play spaces for kids. Named Play+, the company offers many unique nooks for your kids to play and roll in.

The nido is a protected place. A small space for playing, talking, or resting, alone or in a group. The ‘cocoon’ responds to two opposing and co-existing needs of children: the desire for protection in the desire for movement.

A forest of cacti, with soft ‘plants’ of different sizes, attached to the base in such a way that it is easy to change their position and so modify the overall appearance. The base can be turned over to function as a normal mat.

A truncated cone shelter with a hole for access and two ‘eyes’ to look out without being seen (or to peek inside to see who’s there). The opening at the top allows light to enter and enables adult intervention if needed.

Isola is an area dedicated to playing, containing objects, toys, stories, and conversations. A safe area for younger children, allowing independent movement within the island.(130 x 250 x 30 cm)

Atollo creates a small area delimited by soft boundaries for younger children or a backrest/armrest. The two homogenous elements can be arranged in many different forms as the situation demands.


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