Study: Inducing Labor May Lead To Higher Risk of C-Section

With more and more women opting for induced labor instead of waiting for the natural process of birth to occur, a study conducted by Dr. J. Christopher Glantz at the University of Rochester School of Medicine states that the chances of more caesareans automatically increases.

According to Dr. Glantz, with induced labor, there is a risk of 1 to 2 C-sections every 25 induction cases. If the numbers are added up this easily means annually there are thousands of unnecessary C-sections taking place which could have been avoided if spontaneous labor was allowed to occur.

The researcher specifically analyzed the birth certificate of those women who did not have a scheduled or previous case of C-section and also excluded those with ruptured membranes.

Of the data collected of 38,000 women from New York State from January 2004 to March 2008, Dr. Glantz found that in comparison to women who had delivered naturally women with induced labor increased their chances of a caesarean section.

Although going under the scalpel for delivery has become a very common phenomenon nowadays, the C-section is a major surgery with risks like bleeding, infections, blood clots and injuries to others organs quite probable.

Dr. Glantz advices expectant women and their doctors, “Try to reserve interventions for situations where risk outweighs benefit, such as in cases of diabetes, high blood pressure, problems with the placenta, a baby that is not growing well, or a woman being 10 days past her due date.” – Atula, Staff Writer

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