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Study: Pregnancy Doesn’t Cloud The Brain

888157_blog It has been long believed that the minute you get pregnant, your brain goes to mush.

Australian researchers are now saying that this idea may be nothing more than an old wives’ tale.

A study by the Australian National University’s centre for mental health research found that there is no evidence to suggest that impending motherhood affects a woman’s cognitive ability.

The research is based on analysis of interviews with 2,500 women aged between 20 and 24 first undertaken in 1999 and again later in 2003 and 2007.

It found that the 76 women who were pregnant during the second or third interviews scored no differently on logic and memory tests than previously.

“And there were no differences between them and control women,” Professor Helen Christensen, who led the research, told AFP.

“It really leaves the question open as to why (pregnant) women think they have poor memories when the best evidence we have is that they don’t.”

Christensen said while it was possible the tests were unable to pick up subtle changes in the brain, it seemed more likely that women blamed pregnancy for minor lapses because it was foremost in their mind at the time.

I will have to disagree with this study. Even though I am doing well with this pregnancy, my brain WAS a big pile of mush during my last one.

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  • I have to disagree as well. During pregnancy, your DHA and and EPA (the essentials for your brain) levels are proven to drop. With that comes slower reaction times for your neurons firing, which results in a slightly slower cognitive ability. They should be testing the horomones in your brain, as well as the actions happening and the neurons firing. Asking women questions and having them answer isn’t very scientific.

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