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Summer = Bubble Season!

Now that the Summer has finally arrived we have been spending a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

Most moms will tell you that their outdoor time includes bubbles.  My guys love bubbles so much that we have some stored in all the four corners of our property; the shed, the kitchen, the bathroom and the garage.  And while I’m not a fan of doing them inside they do add extra magic to bath night.

Well known for their collection of bubble gear, Little Kids offers a million different ways to make bubbles including their famous bubble blowing cow.

For our test we received a No-Spill® Big Bubble Bucket®, Jelly Belly® Scented Giant Bubble Wands and Blastos! Bubbles™ Premium Solution. I love the Blastos! Bubbles bottle because it really does make a ton of bubbles. The kids love the wands because they are easy for them to use and they smell (almost)good enough to eat!

The No-Spill Big Bubble Bucket is great for playdates as it includes 3 wands, which all have their own slots.  It’s easy for parents to undo and fill but, because of it’s unique design, it’s hard for kids to spill. My boys are terrible at sharing so having more than one wand is great for backyard play.

Because we don’t have enough bubble paraphernalia, I bought a Blastos!™ Bubble Blaster. This automated bubble maker is perfect for my 2 and a half year-old. It’s a ‘gun’ that continually blows bubbles, which is perfect for someone who hasn’t mastered bubble blowing. Plus it takes no effort and it’s continuous, which her loves.

I like that all of Little Kids’ bubble gear is both fun and reasonably priced. Most of their collection is great for giving as a gift or including in a gift bag. While we all know that blowing bubbles is not a new invention, Little Kids creates the cool toys that make it fun and easy for kids of all ages.

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