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Surprise Appearance

“Surprise Appearance”

By Cari

Hello there! It’s been a LONG time since my last entry, but I have a surprise entry to make today.

I just had to share the long-anticipated news that Gordon went poopy in the big toilet today! After an entire summer of trying to potty-train, it looks like my mother was right all along (don’t tell her I said so). She kept telling me that Gordon would let me know when he was ready. And today, he DID let me know he was ready in his own sweet, little, non-verbal way… in fact, he insisted on it!

I wasn’t even thinking about potty training at this point. Gordon turned two in October and my new goal was to work on potty training in the spring. With the holiday chaos in full swing, I just didn’t think it was worth it. However, he had other plans. We were playing cars in our basement when Gordon started grabbing at his pants like he does when he has a poopy diaper. So I asked him if his diaper was poopy. He said yes. I checked and it wasn’t. Then I asked again and he said yes again. I checked again and told him he wasn’t poopy. He kept saying yes and pointing upstairs. So, I went out on a limb and asked if he needed to go poopy in the toilet. He said yes and started making his way up two flights of stairs to our top floor bathroom (which made me giggle as I realized that this is the toilet of choice for both residents and guests at our house when they need a little privacy).

Because this was so unexpected, I was completely unprepared… no potty attachment, no special litte-kid-bum wipes, no training pants… and to my shock and surprise, everything came out ok (no pun intended… ok, so I DID intend to make a pun there)! He held on to the sides of the toilet like a little trooper and pooped just like a big kid (or at least I assume that’s how a big kid would do it).

He got lots of praise and hugs and kisses… and then he got to wake up Daddy (who was on afternoons and surprisingly not quite as excited about poop as we were) and tell him the good news! Daddy made a really good effort to act excited though. Too funny… did I ever think I would be writing a five paragraph essay about going poop? Well, there are a lot of things I have done as a parent that I never thought I would do. Now on to the next battle… will Gordon have the same success with number 1 as well? A friend of mine told me stories about “the waterfall” while training her little guy. Sounds scary to me. I’ll keep you posted…

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