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Study Confirms SIDS Education Programs are Still Needed

While SIDS campaigns, like the “Back to Sleep” campaign have reduced the number of sudden infant deaths over the last four years, a recent study shows that there is still a need for continued education.


Expert Says Co-sleeping Is Safer Than A Crib

Where to put your baby down to sleep is a long-time controversy for experts and parents. Some say cribs are the only safe place for a baby to sleep, while others say sleeping next to parents is the best. One child expert is bucking the common advice given by joining the cosleeping bandwagon.


Safer Sleeping ~ Co-Sleeping Do’s And Dont’s

September is Baby Safety Month and many experts are focusing on safe sleeping habits for babies. Though co-sleeping is recommended against, many families prefer to sleep in a family bed at night. As with any other sleeping choice, safety should be the first concern for co-sleeping families.