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Etsy Find ~ Sweet DIY Embroidery Animal Kits!

If you are looking to learn how to embroider or want to teach your son or daughter how to create their own cute pets than Kirikí Press is a great shop to check out!


Spark Imagination with Dollhouses and Play Barns by A Toymaker’s Daughter

Jacob’s Wooden Toys has been building toys for over 20 years, using locally harvested pine and spruce from Northern Alberta. Every toy is handmade by owners Tim and Brigita, who are committed to building whimsical, long-lasting toys for young children.


SANDbags – The Ultimate Upcycled Bag

Upcycling goes beyond sustainability – it is creating something new and possibly better than the original! SANDbags are the perfect example of upcycling done right.


15 Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Little Ones!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. A day filled with a extra love, it is also know for its really cute themed gear. Popular on most days, hearts are in higher demand on the 14th of February.


Stack, Construct & Learn with Manzanita Kids Wooden Toys!

If you are looking for a unique gift idea or some cute developmental toys for your children, Etsy store Manzanita Kids is definitely worth a look.


Friendly Toys – Green toys for your Earth-friendly baby!

Born from a desire to find safe, natural toys for their own daughter, Lithuanian Sigita and Donatas founded Friendly Toys to make the toys they could not find!


The Wooden Horse ~ Classic Wooden Toys For Good Old Fashioned Play

Etsy retailer The Wooden Horse is a treasure trove of classic wooden toys. Created from natural birch wood many of the toys in their collection are unpainted but can be customized after you receive them with organic paints.


Yummy Felt Food from Pachom!

Located in Montreal, Canada, Pachom creates the most amazingly yummy looking felt food! The perfect accessory to any play kitchen or for your little budding cook at home.


Countdown to Christmas! 10 Advent Calendars

With just 10 days left before the start of December the countdown begins! Families who are looking to start a yearly tradition can purchase an advent calendar that you bring out every year

Families who are looking to start a yearly tradition can purchase one that you bring out every year and fill with surprises!

Smoochy Baby Design ~ Beautiful handmade wooden toys

As a wonderful alternative to plastic toys mass-produced overseas, one talented mama started making her own toys for her daughter. Encouraged by her daughter’s delight and other lucky recipients of her toys, this mama started Smoochy Baby Design and now sells her beautiful toy so that others can enjoy them as well.


Child Style ~ Retro Owls in the Nursery and for Play!

One of the hottest (and cutest) design trends right now is the Retro Owl. The personable little guys are perfect for the nursery, playroom or even to wear because (for the most part) they are gender neutral.