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Indigo Kids Makes Finding The Right Gift Easy {GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY}

My rainy day solution for my busy boys is a trip to IndigoKids. A couple years ago the one by our house was renovated to include a tea cup booth, a play kitchen, train set and a table covered in craft paper for drawing. Going there is like a playdate without the cover charge.


How Do You Chose The Perfect Toy?

It’s that time of year when those who don’t have kids are trying to figure out what to buy for a niece or nephew, grandchild or godchild and parents who have kids are buying outside of their age range.

Beautiful Hand Stamped Sterling Silver!

Another exciting giveaway! My good friend Shannon who I met while in the NICU with my son has started making jewelry that is absolutely gorgeous. Shannon had twin girls Olivia and Avery at 26.6 weeks on June 15th 2005. Shannon’s personalized hand stamped sterling silver jewelry is a wonderful gift for a friend, family member […]