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Lunch Sacks ~ Kid-friendly Reusable Bags to Tote to School or The Office!

Made from 100% organic cotton, with the designs in water-based inks, these fun, functional lunch sacks are the perfect thing to send with your kids to school…or to take with you to the office!


LEED Hotels are a Great Choice for Environmentally Conscious Parents

The environment is near the top of everyone’s list of concerns these days. We all want to leave our children with a safe and beautiful world. Teaching by example, many parents choose to ‘go green’ whenever there is an opportunity.


Cloth Swim Diapers: 8 Options for Your Little Fish!

Whether you use cloth diapers and need a suitable diaper for the beach, or your municipal pool requires a cover over a disposable swim diaper, with one of these swim diapers your little one is sure to have the cutest bum in the water!


Happy Earth Day! 11 Things We Do Everyday To Reduce The Waste Our Household Produces!

Even though today is Earth Day nothing has changed at our house. We do what we can everyday to reduce the amount of waste that our household produces.
Each year I try new things and add new practices to our household.


Goodbyn – A lunchbox designed for kids, parents and the planet

Goodbyn has created a unique new lunchbox that eliminates the need for extra containers rattling around, plastic baggies filling up traditional lunch pails and bags.


Katrin Arens Creates Unique Children’s Furniture from Reclaimed Wood

German designer, Katrin Arens, has created a line of unique children’s furniture out of reclaimed wood.


Snacking Goes Green! 5 Options For Reusable Snack Bags

As moms we are constantly toting little baggies of snacks. Be it crackers, grapes, cheerios or carrot sticks for little fingers. Even in pregnancy I had a multitude of snacks with me at any given time.


Anne-Claire Petit Creates Unique Hand-Made Toys That Will Be Treasured For Years

Netherlands based designer Anne-Claire Petit has created toys and baby items that are hand-made in bright, cheerful colors.


Eco Fabulous: The Biodegradeable Becopotty!

UK company Becothings has designed a smart looking kids potty that is a great eco alternative to the some of the products on the market.


Eco Fabulous: Breage Recycled Fabric Diaper Bag

Designer Gabi Goncalves of eco-store Creollus has designed a diaper bag that is eco-fabulous in every sense!


Eco-Fabulous! EverEarth Wooden Toy Collection

This eco-friendly, kid-safe collection features a large selection of toys that are made of solid wood from renewable forests and finished with water-based, non-acrylic, non toxic paint.