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Evenflo’s SensorSafe Technology Makes Hot Car Deaths Preventable

Last year Evenflo announced their SensorSafe-equipped car seats which were designed to alert caregivers when a child is still in the car seat when the car has been turned off. As of July 31, the number of children across the United States who have died of heatstroke after being left in hot cars was 29 […]


New GM Feature Warns Parents Baby Is On Board

The world is full of distractions, and forgetting something in the backseat of your car is normal. But if that “something” is a child, the results are tragic. On a hot day the inside of an automobile heats to furnance-like temperatures – hot enough that a child forgotten inside can quickly die. An average of 37 children have died this way every year since 1998, with the majority of those being under 4.


Baby In Critical Condition After Being Forgotten in Hot Car For 2 Hours

It feels like an epidemic. Babies being left in cars for extended periods of time putting their lives at risk. Sometimes it’s out of convenience, other times parents truly just forget. The baby is sleeping quietly, they do something that is out of their routine or they just simply forget.


Evenflo Debuts SensorSafe Technology To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Each year hot car deaths take the lives of too many children. To help combat this Evenflo has debuted SensorSafe™ Technology which will generate a series of tones, reminding you that your baby is present in the vehicle.


Arizona Yet to Have Law that Protects Children Being Left in Hot Cars

With ever increasing cases of children being left in hot cars, many States are coming up with specific laws that address the issue. But Arizona that has the nation’s highest rate of death rates of children is yet to be among the 19 states that are bringing in these laws.


Grief Stricken Parents Turn Their Hurt Into Hope For Other Children

It’s a subject that is painful to talk about, but one that so desperately needs attention. Every year, dozens of children die because of being left in the back of hot cars. This year alone, seventeen children have passed away. The year before that, the rate of children dying in hot cars was up 25 percent. The family of one of these children touched by this unspeakable tragedy is speaking out.


New Concerns Raised About Georgia Father Who Left Son Alone in Car Leading to his Death

The traumatic chain of events starting with the death of an infant when his father forgot him in the car on 18th June do not seem to end. After police arrested 33-year-old Justin Ross Harris for the negligence, they now believe that this could be a more serious crime.


Dad Berated by Crowd after Leaving Daughter in Hot Car in Home Depot Parking Lot

Every year, the police and public health officials warn parents about the dangers of leaving a child in a car. It’s not okay, even for a minute. Within a car, temperatures can soar to nearly 110 degrees within just 10 minutes; and that’s with an outdoor temperature of only 90 degrees. These past few weeks, heat advisories have been issued all over North America, and that means that temperatures in cars become hotter faster.