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Nadya Suleman Checks Into Rehab

It has been a crazy couple years for Nadya Suleman. Coined Octomom after she gave birth to 8 babies in 2009, the single mom has struggled to make ends meet since her brood was released from the hospital. Now, it appears she is dealing with an addiction to Xanax.


Child Protective Services Investigates Nadya Suleman For ‘Filthy Conditions’

Octomom, Nadya Suleman is back in the news after reports have surfaced that her 14 children are living in filthy conditions.


Nadya Suleman Talks To Matt Lauer About Struggling To Pay Her Bills

On January 27, 2009 Nadya Suleman became a media sensation when she welcomed only the second ever set of surviving octuplets. Quickly, however, the media turned on her when it was revealed that she was a single mom who already had 6 children at home.


Nadya Suleman Shops With Her Gang!

Here’s a crew we haven’t seen in a while. Photographers caught Nadya Suleman out with all 14 of her children.


Octomom Nadya Suleman Faces Eviction

The new year is not looking to be very prosperous for Nadya Suleman. The ‘Octomom’, who became famous in January 2009 after giving birth to a set of Octuplets, is facing eviction from her La Habre, California home if she can’t come up with $450,000 before the end of the year.


Nadya Suleman Packs Up Her Crew and Heads To The Park

Armed with a nanny, Nadya Suleman packed up 7 of her octuplets and 2 of her older kids this afternoon and headed to the park. The efficient mom showed she could multitask by pushing the stroller and pulling the wagon – up hill!