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Brazilian Baby ‘Born Healthy With Two Heads’

It was reported today that a Brazilian woman has given birth to a baby with two heads.

The 25-year-old mother, who lives in a rural area of the state, didn’t have an ultra-sound during her pregnancy so she was unaware of the baby’s condition until minutes before his arrival on Monday morning.


UPDATE: Indonesian Twins Born In Single Body With 2 Heads

Sad news… The set of conjoined twins with two heads, but just a single body have died in Indonesia five days after their birth.


Indonesian Twins Born In Single Body With 2 Heads

An Indonesian couple has welcomed a baby who was born with two heads on a single, undivided body.

Dr Rasul Alim M, director of the Puri Husada Hospital, said the baby is actually a Conjoined twin who can not be separated medically.


UK Mom Expecting Rare Conjoined Twins: 2 Heads, 1 Body

A British woman plans to make history by becoming the nation’s first mother to give birth to Siamese twins with separate heads but only one body. Lisa Chamberlain, 25, is determined to go through with the pregnancy despite medical advice that she should terminate the pregnancy. She was told she was expecting the extremely rare […]


Couple Looses Remaining Conjoined Twin

I am sad to report that conjoined twin Faith Williams lost her fight yesterday, just 23 days after the death of her sister. Faith and sister Hope were joined at the chest when they were born on 26 November. Hope died in an operation to separate them on 2 December. Great Ormond Street Hospital said […]


Conjoined Twin Looses Fight After Separation Surgery

I am sad to report that one of the conjoined twins that was born to Laura and Aled Williams last week has lost her fight after being separated yesterday. Hope Williams died Tuesday night. Her lungs were too small to support her breathing, the lead doctor said. Hope’s sister, Faith is in stable condition, said […]