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Grandma Gives Birth To Granddaughter!

Kelley McKissack and her husband Aaron tried for years to have a baby on their own, but after they experienced three heartbreaking miscarriages, they started to believe that having kids just wasn’t in the cards for them.


Same Sex American Couple Stuck in Thailand over Surrogate Baby Custody Battle

Gordon Allan Lake and his husband, Manuel Valero, already had a son, Alvaro, through surrogacy in India two years ago. When they decided it was time to expand their family, the couple turned to Thailand.


Dylan Lauren Welcomes Twins!

Ralph Lauren is finally a grampa! Dylan Lauren, the founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, and husband Paul Arrouet, welcomed fraternal twins, son Cooper Blue and daughter Kingsley Rainbow, on Monday, April 13 People confirmed earlier this week.


Same Sex Couple Denied Co-Parenting Rights in Texas

Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs met four years ago. Last July, the made that commitment legal in Washington DC, where same sex marriage is legal, and then they returned to Dallas to celebrate the wedding with their family and friends. It sounds like a happily ever after fairy tale…but the dream isn’t quite complete.


Citizenship of Babies Conceived via Fertility Methods Unclear in Canada

Surrogacy. In vitro fertilization. Egg donors. Sperm donors. Through these methods, modern medicine and science have made it possible for almost any couple to have a child of their own. Sadly, the laws regarding citizenship aren’t equipped to handle all these variables in child conception.


Kara DioGuardi Shares How Protecting Her Health Altered Her Path to Motherhood

After spending time as a judge on the hit show “American Idol,” Kara DioGuardi became as common of a household name as the artists she writes songs for. Even though she’s no longer on the show, she’s still helping artists like Pink and Kelly Clarkson top the charts. But this 42-year-old has been taking care of more than just her career; she’s also been taking care of her health…in way that some might consider extreme.


The Ultimate Gift ~ Grandma Gives Birth To Grandson

Children are born via surrogates every day, but it’s not every day that a child can say he was carried and delivered by his grandmother. One-week-old Madden Herbert can say that when he gets older. For right now, however, he’s your typical one-week-old infant. According his mother, Angel Herbert, little Madden is “eating like a champ and he doesn’t fuss too much.”


Couple Expecting Two Sets of Twins – One from Surrogate, One from IVF

Misty and Brian Baker have been married for 14 years. For 10, they have been trying to have a baby. But after being drained emotionally, physically and financially from countless failed IVF attempts, they had almost given up. Almost.


Alexis Stewart Welcomes A Baby Girl!

Congratulations to Alexis Stewart on the safe arrival of her first child – a girl!

People.com is reporting that Jude Stewart was born via gestational carrier on Tuesday.


Britain’s Oldest Surrogate Gives Birth to Grandson

A 57-year-old woman has become the oldest surrogate mother in the U.K. This past August Pamela Butler earned the title after she successfully carried and gave birth to her 5lb 12 oz grandson Josef, by Caesarean section.


After Waiting 2 Years, Same Sex Couple Will Bring Baby, Born by Surrogate, Home

After waiting for more than 2 years, a same-sex couple will get to bring their baby, who was born by a surrogate, home.