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Tamera Mowry-Housley and Adam Housely Expect Their First Child!

Photo: Jose Villa

Just ten months after her identical twin sister Tia welcomed her first child,  Tamara Mowry-Housley and husband Adam Housley, have announced that they are expecting a bundle of joy!

Tamera says that, while she and Adam had no immediate plans for having children, they are both very excited about welcoming their very first baby into the world. So what changed their mind? According to Tamera, it was their “amazing” trip to South Africa.

“It’s just so beautiful there and you get a whole new perspective on life, the things that really matter,” said Tamera, adding, “Adam and I looked at each other and said, ‘Why wait?’”

And now, they couldn’t be happier.

“Adam and I are excited about having a baby and the blessing that he or she will bring to our lives and to our family and friends. We can’t wait to meet this little miracle,” she said.

Early November is the due date for their little miracle, putting Tamera in her second trimester. She shared what pregnancy has been like for her so far:

“The first trimester was a little rough. I was extremely fatigued and had morning sickness, more like evening sickness. Luckily, it has subsided in my second trimester. I feel grea3t as of now – more like myself.”

So how does Sister Tia feel about the new addition? According to Tamera, Tia knew, even before she had share the news.

“Her first reaction was, ‘I KNEW it!’’ said Tamera, adding that Tia’s son will now have some company and that Tamera has already made play plans for the future. “Tia is beyond thrilled. Cree now has a play date in the future!”

Congratulations to Tamera and her husband Adam!

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