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Teddy Travels 1,500 miles, Costing $2,000 To Be Re-United With His 7-Year-Old Owner

After a family holiday on the Costa Brava, one-eyed Orange Ted, who has had four owners (including a small dog) was mistakenly left at Girona airport.

With thinning fur, plentiful stitches and only one eye, Orange Ted has clearly been through some tough times in his 50 years. Little did this stuffed friend know, he his biggest journey was still to come.

Ted’s great adventure began on April 23 when Jaimee, his current owner, accidentally left her carry-on bag at the departure gate in the confusion before boarding.

Even though the bag had a Nintendo DS game console, Mr Men books and an MP3 player, Ted was all that she cared about.

Once home, the family phoned Girona baggage inquiries and were told the bag containing Ted was there – but that someone had to collect it in person.

The family then contacted their travel agent, who intern reached out to more than 1,000 of her colleagues from across the globe to find out if anyone would be visiting Girona.

Not realizing how efficient the agents were, Mr Armstrong booked a flight and a nights stay in Girona to collect the bear himself. Just before leaving, he was informed that an agent, who was driving across Spain and into France had the bear.

After his safe arrival home, Ted’s grand adventure cost the family approximately $2,000, for expenses including the unused flight, hotel and a string of phone calls.

While the family is happy to have Ted home, Mrs Armstrong said:

‘One thing is absolutely certain – he is never leaving the country again.’

Good Call!!



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