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Texas Family Expecting Quintuplets

Another Texas family is expecting another set of quints. Last month we introduced you to Bill and Kelly Phillips, who welcomed 2 boys and 3 girls(4 of which are already home).

KVUE is reporting that Casey and Ethan Jones are next in line for a bit of chaos in Texas.

The mom-to-be is 20 weeks pregnant with a ‘real’ due date of March 27th. Even though doctors know she won’t make it to 40 weeks, the couple is hoping for 28 weeks, which would make the babies New Years babies. The average gestation for quints is 27.4 weeks.

This is the second time the couple has used fertility treatment to get pregnant.

Their 4-year-old daughter, Eliot, will be big sister to the four girls and one boy.

“We were unbelievably blessed for it to work on the first time with Eliot – and then again …our doctor was in shock,” said Ethan and Casey.

Dr. Kaylen Silverberg is the Jones’ fertility doctor. He says the science of fertility treatment has improved greatly, but conceiving five babies is not desired because of the dangers involved and now rarely happens.

“I’ve been doing this for 19 years; this is the first time this has happened. I had one set of quadruplets 10 years ago maybe, so it’s extraordinarily rare because we do this all day everyday,” said Dr. Silverberg.

In order to prepare for the chaos that is ahead, the Jones’ are getting some multiple advice from the Wilkinsons.

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