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The Diaper Genie

When you get pregnant you have choices to make. Babies have lots of products that add to the waste problem that we have all over the world. There are a lot of sites that help with tips to reduce the waste caused from raising a child.

To our credit, many people have been very dilligent, recycling baby food jars, composting excess food waste and using cloth diapers.

So with all the progress that is happening with the cleanup of our environment, why is everyone buying those darn Diaper Genies?

It is a big plastic tub that wraps up a diaper. A diaper that will already take 250-500 years to decompose in our landfills. Wrap it in plastic, put it in a garbage bag and we’re probably at 1000 years before the earth reabsorbs it…if ever!

I just don’t understand it. The diaper still smells, you have to empty it and not to mention the cost of the refills. God forbid the “sausage”(chain of diapers) unravels – you have a whole other world of fun.

Everything doesn’t need to be convenient. Just throwing the diaper into the regular garbage will do the trick.

All the plastic that goes into making this gynormous thing that may not get any use past 3 months, is a waste. What happens to all these diaper disposal units when parents decide they hate them? Some reviews I read at said that people were throwing them out after just a couple weeks of use.

Do us all a favor and use a garbage can. Nothing can magically take away the smell. Diapers smell!! There is nothing you can do.

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