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The First Years Nursing Care Instant Relief System

Breastfeeding is the best way to provide all the nutrients and immunities that nature designed for your baby. However, in the beginning when the baby is learning how to latch properly it can be quite painful, causing many moms to stop nursing in the first few weeks post partum(my hospital told me that nearly 60% of new moms quit).

The First Years has developed a great Nursing Care Instant Relief System to help relieve breastfeeding discomfort quickly and naturally. The pack includes 2 reusable cooling gel pads, 20 disposable treatment sleeves and a trial size nipple butter.

The gel pads ressemble mini ice packs that can be inserted into a treatment sleeve each use. The cooling pads provide instant relief from skin irritation and burning, reduce swelling, and help start the healing process while the treatment sleeves are formulated to condition your skin and help normalize any acidity to its natural pH (too much acidity can cause skin irritation and discomfort). At first I wasn’t so sure about putting ‘icepacks’ on my breasts but I found that the cooling sensation really did make them feel better (especially after my son has had a vigorous feed).

The sample of Nipple Butter is Lanolin free and helps sooth and protect sore nipples with essential milk proteins. It’s offered as an alternate solution for breastfeeding mothers who would like to use something other than lanolin. Before I started using this butter I was using a product with lanolin. The first thing I noticed about it was that it isn’t nearly as greasy as the other products I’ve tried and it was easier to apply as it wasn’t as thick. I was, however, surprised to find that it’s a little textured – something I wasn’t fond of – especially if my nipples were very sore.

At only $14.99 the Nursing Care Instant Relief system is a great gift idea for a mom who are breastfeeding and experiencing some discomfort. The gel pads were a great help to me during the ‘breast feeding learning curve’.

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*Thank you to Learning Curve for providing us with a sample to review*

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