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The Healthy Baby Doctors Believed Would Arrive Severely Disabled

At 20 weeks gestation, during a routine check-up, Leeann Phelanwas was told by doctors that her baby wasn’t developing properly.

After she was sent to another Hospital for further examination, it was found that a bit of his brain was missing – the bit that controls his movements.

He was diagnosed with Dandy-Walker Syndrome, a congenital brain malformation.

This is where the brain is not formed properly in the womb and, after birth, this means the child’s movement is severely affected and the skull grows excessively large.

The increased pressure on the brain results in problems with the nerves that control eyes, face and neck, irritability, vomiting, breathing difficulties, convulsions, and a lack of muscle coordination.

‘They said he would have no quality of life and would be strapped to a chair,’ Leeann said

Despite doctors suggesting that she terminate the pregnancy, the expectant mom refused, but had to be induced three weeks later on due to pregnancy complications.

At 2lbs 7oz Jayden was just six inches long and needed specialist hospital treatment for three months.

The baby’s dad, Stephen Crane, 32, said: ‘We were told to expect him to be stillborn. It was like being on a time bomb.

‘When he came out fighting there was so much relief, but we were trying to keep our emotions together. I have never cried so much in my life.

Now at six months old, tests have proven that little Jayden was wrongly diagnosed and is a fit and healthy little boy.

Dr Peter Saunders, from the Pro Life Alliance Alive and Kicking, said: ‘Mistakes are made in prenatal diagnosis and pressure is then put on parents to abort.

‘The tragedy is that then totally normal babies are aborted.

Jayden’s parents are now preparing for a 59-mile London to Southend bike ride to raise money for the special care baby unit at Whipps Cross University Hospital in east London, where Jayden was treated.

It is amazing to me that these parents were strong enough to make the decision to continue on with the pregnancy.

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