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The New "Chewable" Birth Control

Femcon has released a new Spearmint flavoured “chewable” birth control pill designed to provide a convenient, new option for women “on-the-go”.

“Women who rely on the birth control pill tend to lead busy lives and have less time,” said Roger Boissonneault, Chief Executive Officer of Warner Chilcott, the company that markets Femcon Fe in the United States. “We wanted to offer women a convenient, easy-to-use option for those “on-the-go” with the same reliability as the traditional swallowed pill.”

When taken correctly, oral contraceptives have a failure rate of less than one% per year. However, studies show that 47% of women miss one or more pills per month and missing pills can increase the risk of pregnancy.

Everyone takes birth control, not just women on the go. It is convenient in it’s little case with the days marked. They are so small no water is needed. We do not miss a pill because it doesn’t taste good, usually it just slips our minds. Having one with flavour or making it chewable doesn’t give you a better memory. This all just seems like a gimmick to me.

Pharmaceutical companies now market their products to the consumer, not the physician. They give you the symptoms and tell you what to take.

Choosing a birth control pill that is right for you has nothing to do with the taste, it depends on the hormone level. Doctors will sometimes prescribe a few pills before you get the right one for your body.

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