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The Nursing Nest

When I was breastfeeding I used just a regular pillow to prop my son up. He never fit right on the “boppy” of the other contraptions made for nursing. The only time I had any difficulties was when I was trying to nurse him in bed. He never meshed properly and I was never comfortable.

The nursing nest is supposed to help with position issues and help keep the baby elevated properly.

  1. Helps prevent suffocation as it cradles Baby
  2. Facilitates the TOP 5 breastfeeding positions
  3. Pillows and blankets shift. The Nursing Nest securely positions your baby in the same comfortable feeding and side sleeping position every time.
  4. Many moms use the “Nest” as a side sleeping positioner in a bassinet or crib. This helps prevent choking for babies with reflux and prevents “flat head.”
  5. Relieves body tension for Mom.
  6. A lifesaver for C-Section moms during those nighttime cluster feedings. Getting in and out of bed can take a long time and it hurts!

Babies like routine. The Nursing Nest works best from birth on to approximately 7 or 8 months. You can generally Table Top breastfeed for many months beyond that. Once your baby is strong enough to roll over, do not depend on the “Nest” to keep him in position. Babies are stronger than they look! (The baby pictured right is 8 months old.)

I would definitely give this “nest” a try with my next baby. It has won 2 iparenting awards and has been profiled as a “best product” twice.

I like how it addresses all breastfeeding concerns and is designed with all positions considered. Check out the website for testimonials and a more detailed list of benefits!

Cost is approximately $45 U.S.

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