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The Suima Crib Keeps Baby Safe and Soothed

Kyuushuu University in Japan and Nagasaki-based Maruki Kaihatsu have developed an intelligent crib that consoles a crying infant when mommy or daddy are not available. The ‘Suima’ crib is currently only available in Nippon and according to the makers, it’s the first one of its kind.

The device tries to induce sleep by mimicking a mother’s (or father’s) gentle arm movements. It sways from one side to the other every 1.8 seconds, which is the about the same as a parent’s heartbeat. A sensor located at the top of the crib makes sure that the infant’s cries are heard and activates the swaying automatically even when no parent is around for a while.

Rentals cost around $100 per month, while buying the Suima crib will set Japanese parents back between $4,500 and $5,500.


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