Brianna and Ryan Morrison Morrison 6 Premature Babies Sextuplets

Third Sextuplet No Longer With Us

It gives me great sadness to report that the Morrison 6 is down to 3.

A third boy, Lincoln Sean Morrison, died Friday. Two of his brothers, Tryg and Bennet, died earlier in the week.

The four boys and two girls were born last Sunday about four and a half months early in a Minneapolis hospital. Doctors had advised the couple to selectively reduce the number of viable foetuses to two, but they declined.

Parents Ryan and Brianna Morrison released a statement saying it has been “a difficult week” for them, and thanked everyone for their prayers and support.

“We continue to trust in the Lord and are hopeful for a good outcome for Cadence, Lucia and Sylas,” the statement said.

Hospital officials said no further information would be released.

A baby born at 22 weeks is very underdeveloped. Their eyes have just formed and will not open for 4-6 weeks yet. Their tiny nostrils are still closed and only with help from the mom’s body does the baby’s liver start to break down bilirubin, which has to be monitored closely for high levels to prevent brain damage.

Some babies have survived at this gestation, but not enough to have strong statistics on. The surviving three babies have a very long tough road ahead of them.

I hope that the bad news is behind them and that Ryan and Brianna get to bring their remaining three babies home.

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  • I will pray for those babies. But I also pray that other families will see the work of SCIENCE in having 6 and fertility drugs, NOT God. God never intended her to have 6. I am shocked at people that use science to get pregnant with 6 and then refuse to use the same God given science to reduce the pregnancy to a viahle number. They would have had 2 or 3 little miracles alive and thriving. Instead they have 6 suffering and dying one by one. May god have mercy on their souls for making that decision for their innocent babies.

  • God also gave us free will and Jesus said “Do not judge, lest you be judged.” It is God’s right to judge, not ours.

    (the text below is passed on by a spiritual healer, and I am relaying the message)

    I would like to offer my prayers to the children, and if the parents would be willing, I would also offer a blessing.

    It might sound absurd, but I dreamed that I should offer my gift to these children, that it might help, perhaps give hope to the three that still live.

    Parents of these three,
    If you would like me to come visit the children, contact

    I’m normally a bit more hesitant about offering my gifts, but I can’t bear the idea of losing another little boy or girl.

  • In this country, we are held responsible for the choices we knowingly make that put a child in harm’s way. It’s a matter of personal-responsibility; which seems to just be magically suspended in these cases, if a parent wants a baby badly enough. This is unfortunate, and borders on criminal. There was an article on in which a woman undergoing IVF, who had made the decision to only implant one embryo at a time, was quoted as saying, “I just couldn’t justify risking [the child’s] future or their quality of life just because I wanted a baby bad enough.” I am pro-choice, but this is not just a matter of being allowed to make a choice with my own body of bringing or not bringing a pregnancy to term. These woman do not just spontaneously end up with multiple implanted embryos. They
    have made a CHOICE to implant x number of embryos, and I think holding them accountable for then making the decision to NOT risk inflicting 4, 5 and 6 human beings with life-long disabilities should naturally accompany that decision. In this country, people seem to have forgotten what it means to have the responsbility of making the DIFFICULT choices along with the easy ones. We hold adults accountable for knowingly risking the health and well-being of a child in this country, I don’t see how these parents get a free-pass on that responsibility!

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