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Three Sets Of Triplets Born Over 3 Days At Texas Hospital

There is no denying that there has been a boost in the number of multiples of the last decade. And one hospital in Texas saw that in spades when they delivered three sets of triplets within three days!

Three Sets Of Triplets Born Over 3 Days At Texas Hospital

“To have three sets over three days is sort of unheard of for any hospital,” Dr. Randall Burt, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano said.

The first set to arrive were Owen, Nicholas and Juliette to parents Gretchen and Andrew Whitehead.

Gretchen and Andrew Whitehead with their triplets

The day after Holly and Jason Bennett gave birth to triplets, followed by Jessica and Brad Nelson.

Holly and Jason Bennett with their tripletsJessica and Brad Nelson with their triplets

“Pretty strange, pretty odd, this whole deal has been pretty odd,” Brad told NBC news. “It was definitely shock, it was overwhelming,” Jessica added.

“I was surprised that everybody went to deliver at the same time, but I had heard that there were other multiples on the same floor,” Holly said.

Dr. Garrett Garner delivered two of the sets of triplets. The chances of spontaneously conceiving triplets, he says, is 1 in 8,000.

“Three sets at the same time in one week is crazy. Very abnormal,” Dr. Garner said.

Texas Plano hospital could see more multiples than normal due to their highly recognized Assisted Reproductive Technology Services and level 3 NICU.


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