Christmas Dr. Heidi Cullen Environmentally Friendly Tips

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday

There is a lot of waste that comes with Christmas. We can reduce some of that just by re-using stuff we have around the house, but don’t use. Dr. Heidi Cullen of ‘The Climate Code’ on The Weather Channel Gives Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday.

– Use rechargeable batteries and rechargers for toys and other battery-operated gifts; buy solar chargers and hand-crank-powered radios and flashlights.

– Consider eco-artware as gifts of novelty jewelry such as rings,
earrings and bracelets made from typewriter keys and transit tokens andold coins.

– Give the enjoyment of nature and the outdoors with holiday gifts of
membership to botanical gardens, zoos and aquariums or passes to
national parks.

– Send holiday wishes via email; scan a photo or drawing by children for a unique, personalized touch. Save Christmas cards you receive and recycle by cutting out pictures for gift tags.

– Choose candles made of soy, vegetable oil or beeswax — all renewable,
biodegradable materials — over paraffin-wax candles which are
petroleum based.

– Instead of paper gift wrap, wrap presents in endurable fabrics – a
pillowcase, sock, scarf, or drawstring bag or decorate a gift box with
a collage from wrapping paper, shredded catalog pages or outdated

– Recycle old VHS and cassette tapes to use to tie up your gifts with a
pretty bow; both are easy to curl on the ends with a pair of scissors.

– Go online at or check the newspaper to find a community recycling program that chips the trees into mulch for gardens, parks, hiking trails and playgrounds.

The Climate Code with Dr. Heidi Cullen Sundays at 5 p.m. ET. On Dec. 19, she will present the Top 10 Climate Stories of 2006.


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