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Toddler Rides City Bus in England Alone – 28 Miles

No one would ever expect a toddler to board a city bus alone but in Montgomery, England on Monday morning, that is exactly what happened. A two-year-old toddler boarded a local city bus at a Montgomery bus stop alone. No one noticed, however, that he was not with an adult. Everyone, including the driver, assumed that he belonged to someone boarding the bus. It was not until 28 miles later, at the final stop in Shrewsbury that the riders and driver realized that something was amiss.

The youngster, who had spent the entire ride on the back of the bus conversing with teenagers and other passengers, was still sitting there while the passengers started to unload at the Shrewsbury bus stop. The driver noticed the little boy still on board and started to ask passengers about the child. All of the passengers denied any ownership to the child. It was then that everyone present realized that the toddler was alone.

Immediately, the driver contacted the local police department. The driver and remaining passengers did everything possible to try and keep the child comfortable while they waited for the authorities to arrive. Reportedly, he was not too distraught by the time the officers arrived.

It is still unsure how it is that the child managed to make it on the bus on his own. More curious, until more facts are released, is how this little boy toddled down the local streets and managed to stay safe. At this time, the only information released about the child’s strange adventure was that two adults had been taken into custody and questioned. There is no word as to whether or not these individuals were his parents. One thing is for sure, the bus driver will be checking children that board his bus for an accompanying adult from now on!

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  • Oh my word! That is unbelievable… and to think you need a license to drive, but not to be a parent.

  • I thought the same thing as I read the article. Really. And then, I thought more about it. I didn’t want to, but I did. And, I realized that I don’t know the exact details that surrounds the situation. What I do know is that I am so glad that little one is safe!

    One of my sons was an escape artist around that age. I even put a lock at the top of the front door to try and keep him in the house. He eventually figured that out too. He would try to take off early in the morning, before the sun was up, or when I was in the bathroom. Luckily, I always caught him before he went much further than the patio and I learned to keep him with me but I can see how it could happen.

    The first time he figured out how to escape, I had no idea he could. I had layed down to take a nap with him and woke up to my neighbor knocking on my front door about 45 minutes later with my son. I knew he had fallen asleep. What I couldn’t figure out was how he got out the front door. I was completely puzzled until I started making dinner and I watched him unlock the door. That day, my husband installed the upper lock. While he did figure out how to reach the lock, it slowed him down enough that I was able to catch him before he got out the door or past the patio. I could often catch him before he even made it to the lock becuase he now had to take a chair all the way from the kitchen to the front door, which made a bit of noise. It didn’t matter how long I was not watching him, he would go for it. It could be at night after going to bed. It could be while I was taking a shower after putting him to bed. It could even be while I was taking a shower. I never understood why he needed to go out the door.

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