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Parenting can be a tricky sport, with lots of ups and downs. Sometimes we think we know what to do, only to find out that we should have done something completely different. This week’s link roundup looks at a variety of parenting issues from around the web.

  • Parents are still debating the “Tiger Mom” argument of parenting. Is strict the way to go, or should moms care about feelings over success? Amy Gutman talks about one side of the issue at Huffington Post.
  • Do you need an app to keep track of your kids? A new Andriod phone app promises to do just that. The FamilyWhere app lets parents track where their kids are through the cell phones? Good parenting or over-protectiveness gone wild?
  • Would you ever get so into a video game that you neglected your children? One mother is being charged with just that. She says her video game addiction is what caused her to neglect her kids.
  • Everyone parents differently but where is your line? Annie At PHD in Parenting shares her thoughts.
  • There was recently a lot of talk about breastfeeding not being as good as claimed. The World Health Organization, however, wants parents to know that breastfeeding is still best for infants and toddlers.
  • Because we know that parents are always looking for the best products, Rated By Mom has rounded up the ones that are just ridiculous. It’s an interesting list.
  • Should you try to diet during the early weeks of pregnancy? New research suggests it may actually alter your baby’s early brain development. Instead of trying to lose weight, mothers should just focus on eating healthier foods overall

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