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Parenting can be hard work, and many moms are left tired and worn out at the end of a week. It is important to take some time for yourself each week in whatever way makes you happy. Today, take five minutes to curl up with a cup of coffee and a few of these links to read and enjoy. You will feel less stressed from the downtime, and maybe learn something new.

  • Are parents swayed by celebrity endorsements? A new study out of Australia says yes! Parents can be swayed by celebrities just as much as kids can.
  • Folic acid may not prevent premature births, a new study says. Women who take folic acid in hopes of preventing a premature bay should look elsewhere for help.
  • Do not tell a breastfeeding mother where she can’t be. One mother is staging a nurse-in that is expected to have 160 mothers after security guards told her she couldn’t feed her child at the mall.
  • Should toddlers be in music videos? Eden Wood, who has been doing beauty pageants since she was 14 months old, is now set to star in a music video.
  • Do you know the basics to helping your family live a little more green? Live Green Mom has the four basic changes that any family can do to help become greener and healthier.
  • Is it always mom’s fault when something goes wrong? PhD in Parenting has an interesting look at the culture of mom-blame.
  • Should parents give in tho their picky eaters? Over at The Stir, this very discussion about picky eaters and choosing your battles is going on.
Rogue Drone Slashes Toddler's Face

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