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There are many factors that lead to premature birth, but where you live is rarely considered one of them. This week’s articles includes a study that suggests where you live could be linked to your odds of having a premature birth. Is this significant, or just a coincidence? Read on to make a decision for yourself.

  • Could highway living be related to premature birth. A study from Australia suggests that the closer you live to a major highway, the more likely you are to give birth prematurely.
  • It seems like every week there is a new story about a mom being told not to breastfeed her child someone. This time, a mom went into a private room but was still ordered to stop nursing her infant. When will people learn that breastfeeding is not a crime?
  • Need a little help getting some sleep? A new internet program promises to help mothers and children get the shut-eye that they need. Is this all hype, or a great way to get some rest?
  • Would you let your children play with breast implants? Some parents are outraged after a school career day meant a plastic surgeon came in and let the students touch real silicone implants.
  • Are you getting ready to have baby number 2? Then you should read this great post about preparing an older child for the new arrival over at PhD in Parenting‘s blog.
  • Want to make activity bags for your toddler or preschooler? At Intrepid Murmurings, Kristin has a few great ideas for you to follow!
  • Need another reason to make your own?  An interesting study has found that toxins in baby food might affect hormones.


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