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The holidays are almost here, and with them a new set of things to worry about. Should you worry about what you feed your kids? Is an iPad the right gift for your child? And what will you do on those long drives to visit family? Enjoy today’s collection of links that is sure to have something for you everyone to enjoy!

  • When it comes to our children’s eating habits, it is parents or the fast food industry that has more sway? Food Safety News shares an article about parents sueing the fast food giant McDonald’s for the way the company markets to children. Should companies back off of children, or should parents take a firmer stand about what their kids eat?
  • Are iPads beneficial for Autistic children? One school thinks so, and is using them to help students with special needs to get a better education. Sue Scheff from the Jacksonville Examiner talks about it.
  • Could you imagine your toddler not being able to get excited about Christmas? That is what one family faces because of their daughter’s rare medical condition. Too much excitement could be fatal, and for a toddler that is a very real concern.
  • How well is your toddler sleeping lately? Read this great post on changing toddler sleep habits to let everyone get a good night sleep.
  • Are car seats more dangerous than drop-side cribs? Christie Haskell at The Stir suggests that when we look at the numbers, they really are. So why are drop-side cribs being recalled and not car seats?
  • If the holidays are already making you feel a little crazy, Family Time has some help. Read their great survival tips for getting through the holidays with your sanity in tact.
  • Holiday travel with kids can be a good way to add a few more gray hairs to your head. Simple Kids has the solution with a few fun and easy travel games that will keep kids occupied all the way there.


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