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Breastfeeding is a huge topic right now, with everyone from your best friend to the president’s wife debating it. Should you or shouldn’t you, should breastfeeding mothers get special breaks, and what are the real benefits to breastfeeding? Who knew that something as simple as feeding your baby could become such a big deal!

  • Taxes and breastfeeding may not seem to have much in common, but they being paired together in the latest debate. Should breastfeeding mothers get tax breaks? The Wall Street Journal discusses this new hot topic.
  • We all have them, those parenting myths that drive us bonkers. At The Stir, Christie Haskell is sharing the breastfeeding myths that make her pull her hair out.
  • Does stress after a baby affect how much weight you will lose? New research suggests that it just might.
  • Is childhood obesity reaching a new high? According to some statistics, one quarter of UK children are obese or overweight. And this number may continue to go up.
  • Inducing labor may be more risky than you imagine. Consumer Affairs looks at the latest study on the risks of induction, and why mothers-to-be should avoid them.
  • Deaf women in the UK have more reasons to get excited about having a baby. One university is now teaching sign language to midwives in order to help deaf women have better labor experiences.
  • Teen pregnancy is slowly declining, according to some reports. The BBC says teens in England and Wales are having fewer pregnancies than before.
  • Annie from PHD in Parenting has put together a great video to empower women to do what is right for them.  Covering Up is a Feminist Issue (Video)


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