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Top Ten You Tube Videos

This is a list of my top 10 You tube videos. 2006 was the year of You Tube. It became the place to go when you missed a highlight, skit on SNL or to just see your neighbour’s little girl dancing around.

I post cute baby and fun you tube videos from time to time and her is a list of which ones were watched the most.

10. I wish…(viewed 153 times)

9. Huggies – Jerry Maguire Ad (viewed 295 times)

8. Baby Wants Milk (viewed 321 times)

7. Lion Sleeps Tonight – extended version (viewed 421 times)

6. 4 Weeks to 39 weeks – Fetal Development (viewed 439 times)

5. Baby Moving Inside Belly (viewed 440 times)

4. Evian Water Babies (viewed 453 times)

3. Silent Night Huggies Commercial (827)

2. Huggies Commercial (viewed 1110 times)

1. Pregnancy in 15 Seconds (viewed 1353 times)

As you can see from the number of Huggies commercials, they make the best baby ads. The Christmas spot was very popular.

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