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Tori Spelling Having A Boy

People Magazine has learned that Tori Spelling and her Husband Dean Mc Dermitt are having a boy.

Tori, who is 6 months pregnant with her first child, told the magazine that they are thrilled to be having a son together. She thinks little boys are a ton of fun. He loves to be spoken to. When they play tunes for him, he kicks. Recently when they attended a Dixie Chick Concert he kicked the whole time.

Dean’s son Jack from his first marriage will now have a little brother to teach lots of great stuff to.

Tori, who is due in June, has not decided on the first name yet. She told people that they will give him the middle name Aaron, after her father who passed away this summer.

The couple spent Sunday morning shopping for their baby’s first clothes at the celeb favorite Intuition – where Spelling had ordered a hooded blue bath towel embroidered with the name Aaron.

“When she saw the towel with her dad’s name on it, she got a little emotional,” says Intuition owner Jaye Hersh. “She said she was so happy they were having a boy so she could honor her dad. It means a lot to her.”

The couple also bought a selection of onesies, booties, a baby food organizer and two diaper bags for mom and dad.

“They are so excited to be parents,” says Hersh. “It was the first time Tori was shopping for clothes for her baby boy, and they loved picking out little outfits for him. Dean was really into the clothes, and he carried all the packages out of the store. He’s very protective of her.”


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