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Tori Spelling & Her Family Promote Her New Book At Barnes & Noble

Tori Spelling was surrounded by her beautiful(and growing) family while promoting her new book CelebraTORI at Barnes & Noble last night.

Tori showed off her party planning skills last year during her reality series ‘Wedding Planner’ and now she has broadened the category in the book which she offers budget tips and creative ways to set up any party.

Pregnant with her fourth child just 4 weeks after the arrival of baby #3, Tori recently shared that she is proof that you can conceive while breastfeeding.

Dean spoke to Celebuzz about the surprise pregnancy and how he’s getting a bit of slack for not waiting the recommended six weeks.

“It’s so funny how everyone blames the man,” the Due South star said.  “It’s like, ‘Oh my God will you leave your wife alone?’ But it takes two to tango. She wasn’t putting up that much of a fight,” he added, with a laugh. “But I have big shoulders. I’ll take it.”

Thankfully this time around Tori is having an easy pregnancy.

“My pregnancy is going great,” she said. “Knock on wood, this has been my best pregnancy. I’ve been feeling great. With the first three pregnancies, I was super sick all the time and nauseous.”


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