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Toronto Baby Believed To Be 1st Baby Of 2007 In Canada

A healthy baby boy delivered in a Toronto hospital seconds after midnight is believed to be the first Canadian newborn of 2007.

The infant, who does not yet have a name, arrived seven days late but just in time to receive the distinction. He was supposed to be born on Christmas Day.

Sri Lankan parents Nortan Patrick and Mary Tharusha are delighted with their seven-pound, 13-ounce son, who was born at Scarborough Grace Hospital.

Patrick, a 32-year-old truck driver, had never even held a baby until now. He always felt they were too delicate.

Patrick said his sister bet him $100 the baby would be born on New Year’s Day. Now he has to hand over the cash.

Tharusha’s bracelet had the numbers 00:00 on it to reflect the time of birth. The 23-year-old homemaker’s parents live in Germany and when they got the news, they extended their New Year celebration.

This little man was late for a reason…he wanted to be first!! He has now made history and will have a great story to tell his children. Congratulation to Nortan and Mary. Enjoy your son, he’ll be walking before you know it!!


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