TOT-a-LOT – Clothing Designed Especially For Twins!

For parents who are lucky enough to have two little ones exactly the same age – dressing them can be fun. And while some opt to dress them the same, this becomes more difficult when your twins are a brother and sister.

Music Smell Onesies

TOT-a-LOT has just the answer with a line of clothing designed just for twins! Each twin will have an outfit that is different, and their own, yet complimentary to the outfit the other twin is wearing. Designed for ages newborn to 4 years old, TOT-a-LOT offers a collection of onesies, t-shirts, sleeping bags, rompers, bibs, and others, all made from 100% cotton.

Blue dungarees with fish embroidery

While each piece stands on its own, the fun of the design is apparent when the twins are next to one another, and the full design of the clothes is apparent. One twin might have the front half of a lion on the front of their romper, while the other twin will have the back half, and when they stand next to one another the full lion appears!

Pink and blue - Sleeping Elephant

Sets are available for twin sisters, twin brothers, or twin brothers and sisters, and while the clothing line is designed with twins in mind, wouldn’t it be fun for two best friends to have matching rompers as well?

Blue Growsuits with lion embroidery
– Belinda, Staff Writer 

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  • People have been asking me if I was going to have our twin boys match…I just can’t do it. THESE, however are absolutely adorable…and I can easily see putting them in them for a little while at least.


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